Products and services

  • Metal leafExtensive range of metal leaf products for packaging, construction and electronics applications, as well as metal leaf processing solutions
  • PowderWide variety of metal powders for inks, paints, pigments and electrical equipment applications, including gold and silver powder and aluminum paste
  • Packaging Design and production of flexible packaging materials, primarily aluminum leaf and high-barrier deposition film for cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals products
  • Transfer printing Materials for transfer printing such as hot stamping foil and cold foil that add metallic beauty to your design, along with associated products and services
  • Surface finishes for molded productsSurface finishing and relief patterning on complex surfaces such as soft resins and engineering plastics, as well as surface processing to add specific functionality
  • Gold leaf gilding Gold leaf gilding is a traditional Japanese decorative technique. NAKAJIMA METAL LEAF, POWDER Co. today offers a gold leaf gilding to enhance any space.

Press releases

May, 2020
Re-designed website
Aug, 2018
Acquired a cosmetics/quasi-drug manufacturing and sales license
Jan, 2018
Established buisenss subsidiary in China(Shenzhen Nakajima Trading Co., Ltd)
Dec, 2017
Certified for ISO27001, Information Security Management System
Oct, 2015
Opend English Home Page
Oct, 2012
Certified for ISO9001, Quality Management System
Registration number ISAQ702, certified offices (Main office, product management center)
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